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Meet Tori

I'm a painter with over two decades of experience creating art. I studied at Stanford University to earn my degree in Art Practice with Honors (plus some time abroad studying in Florence!)

Tori Parrish sitting in front of easel and brushes

About the art

What Inspires the WOrk


    The vernacular flowing from the mouths of others never sits quite right with me. Words can be so lackluster, never fully expressing what one is trying to say. Paintings bridge that gap. Color speaks straight to the soul, touching every complex emotion and highlighting each detail of a story. It is my favorite form of expression and communication.


    My love for painting lies in the color, and the beauty of color always comes from light. The depth of an oil painting shows off when the sun hits just right, revealing such rare hues in the rivers of paint created by glazing techniques of the old master's . Thick, mountains on canvas from modern impressionist strokes capture color in their own unique ways, drawing attention to the light that reflects back to us. Creating with both vibrant techniques on one canvas captures the dynamic light and creates delicious colors that feed the soul.


    Sitting down in front of a blank canvas feels like sinking into a comfortable couch. The paints ask, “how are you feeling today” and I respond with erratic brush strokes. Canvas by canvas, my paints and I walk down memory lane, caring for each one as we go along. The memories don’t change, they never will, but when I rise up from that couch I no longer see anxiety and pain. I see a living, breathing work of art and somehow that makes me feel better.


    Life is often hard and heavy, our lives filled with urgency and importance. While everything and everyone is urging us to find meaning, my art challenges us to take a step back. Give yourself the creative freedom to think about the mundane with a sense of humor. Have you ever seen a person carrying a traffic light? They’re huge, and the balancing act is disproportionate. Instead of overlooking this absurdity and going about my day, I chose to embrace this moment of levity amid such a serious life. In an act of rebellion I capture the rudimentary with an art form as sophisticated as oil painting.